Sunday, January 22, 2017

Changing partners are the toughest test for men and women

Promiscuity may occur at any time and did not know the place. In each country, the phenomenon of promiscuity among teenagers and old age has become legendary as lifestyle demands.

Men spend more time relaxing in the cafe to get to know more people. Not much different from the man, a woman too much time to visit places of entertainment hoping to relieve stress after work.

Their behavior can be observed in the process of association. Men usually look for a female partner to be a date or boyfriend. As with the women, they want men to accompany and become couples live with the hope that later the man would soon propose.

The model healthier association has been shown by a couple of men and women who looked harmonious and happy living their lives. This couple is very serious and faithful to each other to build a household.

The toughest test for men

Men who have a steady job with a big salary will use its potential to find a female partner were quite beautiful and can be taken anywhere. A man will try to improve the appearance and style. Interrupted his work, the man who had come home from the office will visit shops distro that provides latest fashions.

By following the trend of the association, a man will try to maintain his fitness in order to always look forward and captivating. Thus, whoever he met the woman who would immediately leave a deep impression on the woman.

From the above visible effort to increase the degree of men in the eyes of women. Slowly but surely Exams started toward the man marked with the introduction of the first two women or more.

The relationship continues with the women lived. When disconnected from the female one, then there is another woman who replaces woman before. This relationship continues so that it has become customary to have multiple partners.

Of cases in men above can be used as a reference to the dangers of promiscuity that triggers the habit of changing a life partner. If it is more often done, then most likely the man had contracted the infection chlamydia bacteria.

The toughest test for women

Career women are easier to get along with male colleagues. Her nature is open to men will provide an opportunity for them to introduce themselves and establish friendships with men.

Usually, the woman will feel happy when given a gift parcel from him. They also will be happy to accept invitations to eat with him. If there is a man who would accompany him, then women will spontaneously accept their help and kindness.

In addition, it can also be observed the behavior of women who tend to be shy. As a result of the shy nature, women prefer to make decisions based on their feelings. For women, the feeling is more important than logic.

Based on the brief description above, it can be pulled node that women got the toughest test because the habits are so outgoing and always open to men. It can make a woman look weak in the eyes of men. As a result, it became the beginning of the weakness of promiscuity among them.