Monday, November 21, 2016

Places that can not be infected by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatous

Actually, since the days of ancient Greece, disease chlamydia trachomatous bacteria already there and become a deadly plague for the population at that time. Usually, the ancient Greeks have done a traditional medicine in the form of a statue worship ceremonies to invoke the spirit of the gods so that the disease can be cured.

Formerly called the Greek population Chlamydia χλαμύδος meaning to the word "veil". Traces of their worship ceremonies can be observed on the relics of ancient statues that still exists today.

It may seem strange when we observe the ancient history of the nation, especially with the advancement of medical science that every year has found a method of treatment and new medicines for infectious diseases that.

Media that can not be infected by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatous

We all know that the main cause of these bacteria is transmitted to other people through the free relationship between man and woman. Wherein the aberrant behavior will trigger a change partners as well as transmit the disease from male to female or vice versa.

Generally, in the home of family members will use areas or parts of houses in turn. As part of the house that we use interchangeably, namely;
1. Toilet homes
2. Tableware
3. The pool
4. Bathroom

The parts of the house almost every day we shall come with the intention to get cleaned up. But no need to worry about these places because chlamydia can not reproduce on the spot.

Habits are often done at home that does not cause infection chlamydia

Usually, a family consisting of a father, mother, and child. A father will pair up with the mother and children in pairs fellow brother and became their playmate. In a family, the relationship will be more closely and compact when every member of the family exchanging ideas and sharing.

Every day, the family members will use the bathroom, toilet, swimming pool, tableware alternately. This is the little things that show solidarity with a happy family.

A family sometimes also has the necessities of life that have not been fulfilled, so that the children, mothers, and fathers will give understanding to each other alternately and orderly house. For example, orderly and turns in the towel, toothbrush and others.

Meanwhile, there is also a habit become routine at home. This habit can certainly not be a bacterial infection chlamydia transmission media, namely:
1. Towel
2. Hugging
3. greeted right cheek and left cheek

That's the little things that have become routine healthy family. Places that remain safe and infectious diseases. After knowing the media mentioned above, the family members will stay comfortably activity the next time a family member is infected with the chlamydia bacteria. But, we pray that all families in the world live with a healthy and free from disease.