Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pets such as cats generally have proximity with humans

Pets such as cats generally have proximity with humans. This animal has a humorous and highly subject to the people who maintain it.

Cats prefer to close with people who can understand and feed him. Because these animals are so cute, so every time she approached and accompany his host.

On the other hand, men and women at the age of children, adolescents, adults to the elderly will take care of their pet cat attentively. Interrupted his busy, the host will take the time to bathe and spraying perfume on her cat.

To hone the ability of the cat, the host will teach clean living that must be endured by the cat. This is done in the form of exercise at home or at school cat training.

Perhaps on the basis that the host as the owner of the cat will seek comfort with playing with the cats. They will be entertained with funny behavior, even they will be made to laugh by the cat.

Chlamydia bacteria that grow in cats

The name of the bacterium is feline chlamydia bacteria. These bacteria are so different from the transmission that occurs in humans. The growth cycle of the bacteria through the respiratory tract cat characterized by shortness of breath and fever.

In cats infected with feline chlamydia bacteria will experience shortness of breath and lasts about 2-4 weeks. The bacteria can be transmitted to cats because of the following causes,
1. cat eating leftovers
2. rarely washed
3. often catch mice
4. immunity in cats decreases due to changes in weather

For people who keep cats were infected with the bacteria was better immediately quarantining or bring the cat to a veterinary clinic.

In the animal clinic, the cat will be examined by a veterinarian in several stages, namely
1. The examination of the reproductive system
2. eye examination in cats
3. The examination of the cat's saliva

After the examination, the next action to be taken by the physician is injecting a dose of antibiotics on the body of a cat. Antibiotics that are useful to increase immunity and destroy bacteria.

The host must stay away from cats that are being treated

Cats that are in a period of treatment should be maintained, but the host needs to keep a distance from the animal.

Strive to always wash your hands and change clothes after the visit of the treated cats. This is done as a precaution, and they prevent the bacteria chlamydia suffered by it will infect the host.

So it is necessary to carefully avoid the dangers of chlamydia.