Sunday, November 20, 2016

Negative effects for women who do not care about his health

Cases of infection are apparently higher disease occurred in the United States. From international institutions research data shows that the transmission rate of approximately 25-50% of positive cases is caused by the bacterial infection.

Of cases, it observed its development and obtained the report as much as 5-8% of young women suffer. Meanwhile infection in adolescents and adults aged as much as 10-40%.
The above data shows a significant change in women. They are very susceptible to infections because of frequent replace the pair in the not too long.

Transmission of chlamydia infection in women is gradually 

When young women and adolescents have been infected, the bacteria chlamydia trachomatis will breed for 1-3 weeks. Usually, symptoms will interfere with the health of a woman's body, the disorder among others;
1. pain in the joints,
2. The head feels dizzy,
3. vomited repeatedly,
4. a backache,
5. high fever,
6. The face becomes pale,
7. The body becomes weak
8. and appetite began to wane.

In female patients have discovered two types of bacteria chlamydia, the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and Chlamydia pneumonia. The bacteria is still classified into one disease chlamydia. In a pregnant woman, the bacteria that can threaten the health of the fetus baby in her womb. Transmission can cause serious problems such as paralysis of the eye that will be taken by a baby when it was born.

While in his teens, chlamydia pneumonia can attack the cells in the uterus. This may be more serious because of transmission can be slow and damage the existing cell network. Perhaps for a teenager who later treats the infection, it will have problems associated with pregnancy.

Above cases are often encountered by doctors who deal with the disease. The doctor heard that they are slower to assess the problem of the disease so that they assume the disease is not the important thing.

This happens because of their lack of information and lack of health workers who provide health education in remote areas. Therefore, pregnant women do not care about and impressed ignore this disease.

Relief and Healing Woman

Because the symptoms of this infectious disease have been known, then the woman should consult a doctor immediately. Women can choose treatment at health clinics or hospitals closest. It was important to do so that doctors can take help as soon as possible in order to prevent serious effects than before.

In addition, precautions that can be taken is immediately eaten healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. The food would be useful to increase energy and provide vitamin in the body, so people will have enough stamina to undergo treatment at the hospital.