Thursday, December 8, 2016

To recover from the infection chlamydia, here's what to do

Many believe that a healthy body condition will allow a person immune and unavoidable from a variety of transmitted infections such as chlamydia bacteria infection in the body. However, the fact of transmission of this disease is not looked at the body healthy or unhealthy.

In Europe and America, it can be observed population spread of the disease continues to increase from year to year. According to data from the WHO (world health organization), Chlamydia trachomatis infection is the cause of the relationship between men and women is not healthy.

In 1995, the data provided showed as many as 85 million people have been infected with the spread of infection in continental Europe, Russia, and America. These data continue to coast and is predicted to continue to rise due to increased promiscuity among young people in their teens and working age.

Based on the data released by the World Health Organization, then the fundamental question arises about the transmission of the disease. Why do men and women who had a healthy fit body or can be easily infected with chlamydia disease it?

Doctors have been researching it. Found trigger the spread of the disease, namely the free association or relationship between men and women can not be controlled.

How to treat infections of the disease until a complete recovery

The safest way to treat the disease that first patient should consult a doctor. Furthermore, physicians have the ability to deal with the disease will be designated as referral patients to consult on issues of illness.

Usually, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics as an initial treatment against the disease Chlamydia. Furthermore, the patient may be asked to take the medication in one dose or may need to take medication for a couple of times for 5-10 days.

Generally, to avoid infection that may result from the disease, the doctor will ask for information on the couple. Then the doctor will perform a special treatment in the pair even though she did not have signs or symptoms of the disease.

Special care will still be done by a doctor because given chlamydial infection can be transmitted back and forth or rotated among the patients concerned.

Provide honest information to the doctor about the disease infection

Which are contagious diseases chlamydia can spread through the relationship between men and women? As if the disease would like to tell everyone that "If you want to be healthy and avoid chlamydia, then be faithful to your partner".

For the purposes of treatment, the doctors believe that real and honest description of patients with the disease is needed to treat and cope with a contagion that can arise anytime.

Therefore, the doctor will ask the patient more sensitive to it about anyone in his life partner. Of course, to support the work of these doctors, the patient is required to provide information that is true.

Patients also should not be afraid or embarrassed, because the description of the patient's privacy will be part of the doctor. Doctors also have the work ethic to maintain the confidentiality of health data provided by a patient.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Places that can not be infected by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatous

Actually, since the days of ancient Greece, disease chlamydia trachomatous bacteria already there and become a deadly plague for the population at that time. Usually, the ancient Greeks have done a traditional medicine in the form of a statue worship ceremonies to invoke the spirit of the gods so that the disease can be cured.

Formerly called the Greek population Chlamydia χλαμύδος meaning to the word "veil". Traces of their worship ceremonies can be observed on the relics of ancient statues that still exists today.

It may seem strange when we observe the ancient history of the nation, especially with the advancement of medical science that every year has found a method of treatment and new medicines for infectious diseases that.

Media that can not be infected by the bacteria chlamydia trachomatous

We all know that the main cause of these bacteria is transmitted to other people through the free relationship between man and woman. Wherein the aberrant behavior will trigger a change partners as well as transmit the disease from male to female or vice versa.

Generally, in the home of family members will use areas or parts of houses in turn. As part of the house that we use interchangeably, namely;
1. Toilet homes
2. Tableware
3. The pool
4. Bathroom

The parts of the house almost every day we shall come with the intention to get cleaned up. But no need to worry about these places because chlamydia can not reproduce on the spot.

Habits are often done at home that does not cause infection chlamydia

Usually, a family consisting of a father, mother, and child. A father will pair up with the mother and children in pairs fellow brother and became their playmate. In a family, the relationship will be more closely and compact when every member of the family exchanging ideas and sharing.

Every day, the family members will use the bathroom, toilet, swimming pool, tableware alternately. This is the little things that show solidarity with a happy family.

A family sometimes also has the necessities of life that have not been fulfilled, so that the children, mothers, and fathers will give understanding to each other alternately and orderly house. For example, orderly and turns in the towel, toothbrush and others.

Meanwhile, there is also a habit become routine at home. This habit can certainly not be a bacterial infection chlamydia transmission media, namely:
1. Towel
2. Hugging
3. greeted right cheek and left cheek

That's the little things that have become routine healthy family. Places that remain safe and infectious diseases. After knowing the media mentioned above, the family members will stay comfortably activity the next time a family member is infected with the chlamydia bacteria. But, we pray that all families in the world live with a healthy and free from disease.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Negative effects for women who do not care about his health

Cases of infection are apparently higher disease occurred in the United States. From international institutions research data shows that the transmission rate of approximately 25-50% of positive cases is caused by the bacterial infection.

Of cases, it observed its development and obtained the report as much as 5-8% of young women suffer. Meanwhile infection in adolescents and adults aged as much as 10-40%.
The above data shows a significant change in women. They are very susceptible to infections because of frequent replace the pair in the not too long.

Transmission of chlamydia infection in women is gradually 

When young women and adolescents have been infected, the bacteria chlamydia trachomatis will breed for 1-3 weeks. Usually, symptoms will interfere with the health of a woman's body, the disorder among others;
1. pain in the joints,
2. The head feels dizzy,
3. vomited repeatedly,
4. a backache,
5. high fever,
6. The face becomes pale,
7. The body becomes weak
8. and appetite began to wane.

In female patients have discovered two types of bacteria chlamydia, the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and Chlamydia pneumonia. The bacteria is still classified into one disease chlamydia. In a pregnant woman, the bacteria that can threaten the health of the fetus baby in her womb. Transmission can cause serious problems such as paralysis of the eye that will be taken by a baby when it was born.

While in his teens, chlamydia pneumonia can attack the cells in the uterus. This may be more serious because of transmission can be slow and damage the existing cell network. Perhaps for a teenager who later treats the infection, it will have problems associated with pregnancy.

Above cases are often encountered by doctors who deal with the disease. The doctor heard that they are slower to assess the problem of the disease so that they assume the disease is not the important thing.

This happens because of their lack of information and lack of health workers who provide health education in remote areas. Therefore, pregnant women do not care about and impressed ignore this disease.

Relief and Healing Woman

Because the symptoms of this infectious disease have been known, then the woman should consult a doctor immediately. Women can choose treatment at health clinics or hospitals closest. It was important to do so that doctors can take help as soon as possible in order to prevent serious effects than before.

In addition, precautions that can be taken is immediately eaten healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. The food would be useful to increase energy and provide vitamin in the body, so people will have enough stamina to undergo treatment at the hospital.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to motivate and support for patients during treatment

Motivation is first used by doctors when faced with patients who complain of various illnesses they suffered. When a doctor has to know for sure about the disease are handled, then the doctor will give an overview and explanation of the disease.

Next, the doctor will give you the motivation and foster a sense of confidence in patients suffering from such pain. It is a form of moral support from doctors, also functions to change the mindset of their patients and raised hopes of a strong recovery.

Not much is different in the case of patients with diseases of chlamydia infection, doctors will implement the same. However, the doctor gives an overview and explanation of the infectious disease. After that, the doctor will give you the motivation and instill strong hopes for a speedy recovery for the patient.

Chlamydia patients will recover through the motivation of the family

In addition to doctors who provide strong expectations of recovery, the family also has a role in supporting the treatment process being undertaken by members of his family. In this condition, the patient was a member of their family.

The pain experienced by men and women will be reduced and it feels light when families come to give moral support in the form of spirit to recover from the disease. Positive things such as family leave impressions and wonderful moments with family can be notified to the patient's infection.

So that it would trigger a desire to get well, the support provided has also fostered mentally become stronger in the fight against the disease.

Chlamydia patients will recover with the support of his friend

Friends of a friend who is always with you when the ups and downs and joys and sorrows. Friendship can also provide a fairly good effect in the future treatment of a patient with the infection.

Generally, when the chlamydia patients who live independently and away from the family will invite a close friend to take her to the hospital. This is of course done with careful consideration because he would trust his friend.

Thus, the presence of friends who participated with him then the patient will feel happy and maybe a little help can be requested from the friend who accompanied him.

Some of the following might help family or a friend to support and grow a strong hope in patients with infection;
1. After a doctor's examination, ask the patient for a brief chat
2. try to make the patient keep smiling
3. When a patient asks for something, then immediately to meet that demand
4. Do not process medical examination, let patients stay focused when examined by a doctor
5. Every day take a moment to visit patients
6. Follow the care for patients
7. Give the patient's favorite foods such as fruit or other healthy foods
8. Wait until the patient is asleep
9. The presence of family or friends becomes a strong motivation for patients to recover quickly.

By applying the above, family or friends has contributed significantly in the eyes of patients with the infection.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why women are twice as vulnerable to chlamydia pneumonia infection

Chlamydia infection is a type of disease that can be transmitted to any person, either in adulthood or old age. These types of diseases classified into species which is rare because someone would be difficult to recognize the signs that arise from that disease.

At first, the disease arises due to the behavior of free-living men and women between the couple. This disease does not show any symptoms in the body, but mild symptoms that are commonly seen in people with chlamydia in the form of pus or vaginal discharge in women of the reproductive area.

If the woman has been positively infected by this disease, in a few weeks will begin urethral tract infection. As a result of living cells on the urethra will eventually scarring, swelling and narrowing the cell at that section. Then the white fluid will seem out of the urethra.

In many cases, women are more often feel the pain of swelling and sores on the cervix. This condition is also a serious problem that needs to be followed up by the doctor in charge.

Symptoms of infection may cause infertility in women

Other symptoms found in women with easily recognizable by sufferers of the emergence of white or whitish liquid on the part of the female reproductive (in biological terms of this section is called the cervix).

Infection of this disease is unique because both men and women have the same complaint is a pain in the urethral tract. This can occur because of pure unhealthy relationships between men and women. So gradually bacteria trigger the disease become violent and participate reproduce inside the cells of the urethral tract.

In adult women, the symptoms of the infection without realizing that the disease has plagued parts of the cervix but the lack of knowledge about the dangers of the disease has slowed their treatment to the doctor.

People with chlamydia in women characterized by symptoms are felt in the body such as,
1. pain in the joints,
2. The head feels dizzy,
3. vomited repeatedly,
4. a backache,
5. high fever,
6. The face becomes pale,
7. and appetite began to wane.

Serious problems that may arise due to the slow handling and treatment are women may experience temporary infertility.

Efforts to stop the spread of infection in women

These symptoms are very often found in people with the disease. Although the patients have not felt or have infections in their reproductive systems, but very good if immediate treatment. So the impact of the disease not to damage health more seriously.

When patients do not consult a doctor, then the first aid that can be taken is immediately eaten healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. Food that will serve to improve the body's cells and to build a more healthy diet and regular.

Is not recommended when the patient chlamydia consume drugs painkillers without a prescription from a doctor.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Treated in Hospitals and Clinics of Health will determine the patient's life

Lay people infected with this disease are not yet fully aware of the importance of the doctor's examination. Cases of the disease are similar to AID of HIV infection, but the bacteria chlamydia trachomatous is lighter and easier to be addressed and given intensive treatment. Treatment can be referred to a health clinic or hospital.

In many places has been established health clinics that have a license to practice in order to serve the health complaints experienced by the community. In addition, the clinic is also located in the environment of society so that people with infectious diseases will more easily reach the health clinic. In contrast to hospitals, health clinics have sufficient space to accommodate treatment few patients.

Health clinic is also equipped with a specialist doctor in internal medicine, general practitioners, nurse midwives, and some are ready to serve patients visiting clinics. Costs in the clinic are still relatively cheap for drugs and medical devices used are still using the support from the hospital.

So health clinics present in the midst of society as a replacement hospital is probably much with human settlements. The impact, people will come to enjoy the sweetness of healthy life due to regularly check the complaint that affects to the health clinic.

Meanwhile, the Hospital also present as a place to seek treatment for the community. When the health clinic can accommodate only a few patients, another case with a hospital that can accommodate patients in the hundreds to thousands of patients.

The hospital is equipped with medical equipment that is quite complete, there every doctor has the discipline and expertise vary. Doctors assisted by midwives and nurses on duty to treat and monitor the health of every patient who had complaints of pain.

People with chlamydia should immediately consult a doctor in hospitals and clinics

Hospital as a health care center plays an important role to serve and provide treatment to people with a chlamydia infection. For patients with infection, it is advisable to consult directly with doctors in hospitals and clinics.

Patients with bacterial infection chlamydia it would seem difficult to walk away from the pain with sore part of their urethral tract. If the condition persists and the patient can not be direct to the doctor, it is necessary to ask for help from family or neighbors to join deliver the patient to the hospital.

It was essential to prevent the occurrence of more serious swelling. Patients also need to be careful in activities due to illness given it has health complications.
The steps that need to be taken into account prior to the hospital, namely:
1. Prepare some clothes for preparation when directly hospitalized
2. Prepare the money for medical expenses
3. Provide mineral water in sterile bottles
4. The breakfast before visiting the hospital
5. Tell your family and neighbors nearby neighbors about a visit to the hospital
6. Believe me, rest assured that the suffering experienced will soon recover.

The sixth step above an effort for people to prepare themselves for the examination and more intensive treatment in hospitals or health clinics. Other things can also be considered by patients with chlamydia infection according to her condition.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Physical symptoms when the patient has recovered from the infection chlamydia trachomatous

Patients undergoing treatment for chlamydia infection and hospitalization will be recommended by doctors to remain resting in bed. Occasional patients can get out of bed to urinate or improved the position of the body is felt less comfortable by the patient.

If the patient is usually more often complain of pain in the cervical and lymph channels, then slowly his body will begin to recover until complete recovery. Formerly pale face will turn into a wrinkled face brightened and fit.

Physical symptoms in patients who immediately showed healing can be seen in the special features found on his body, namely;
1. No more pain in the joints,
2. lymph channels back to normal without injury,
3. The normal urethral tract marked when urinating smoothly,
3. Head lighter and lighter in thinking,
4. Backs be light and normal again,
5. Never again vomit
6. Fever healed completely,
7. The face brighter and fitter,
8. appetite began to increase.

Health symptoms that can be observed by the patient's family

The important part that can be directly perceived by patients with infectious disease that are urethral tract and lymph become normal again. This can he feel when the pain and pain in the urethral tract to be comfortable and light at the time of the small and large bowel.

On the other hand, the family can see physical signs or complaints are often felt by the patient. When minor symptoms which appear on his body rarely complained it will most likely have his health back to normal.

How to boost immunity after recovery

Once cured, the patient can consume food and drinks that have been recommended by doctors. Prescription drugs given by doctors will help the healing process and prevent infection and illness.

In an effort to boost the body's immunity and fitness after recovering so diligently to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. Fruit useful to provide new vitamin and energy to the development of the body's cells. While fresh vegetables were beneficial to increase muscle mass balance.

Patients should avoid foods that contain oil. These fried oils contain cholesterol that can lead to the return of bacteria that can harm health.

In addition to some of the above, doctors recommend exercising. Doctors think exercise is essential to increase the immune system and reduce the risk of pinched nerves due to stiff muscles because rarely moved.

Health experts also assessed that the morning exercise will improve your health and immunity. In addition, with regular exercise reduces depression (the mind of) as well as provide new energy in life.

Apparently, doctors strongly emphasize the dual benefits that can be gained from the exercise. Infectious diseases and diseases of the body will easily disappear and away from the body when the routine maintaining a healthy body through regular exercise.

Nevertheless, the results of a further investigation of the doctor will remain a benchmark for the families of patients that can be medically ascertained concerning the development of health.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

This is how a doctor cut the transmission of bacteria chlamydia

Inspection and preventive measures would be for doctors to save the patients with the infections. The doctor has the authority to provide knowledge to the patient about the chlamydia infection. So that knowledge can be given instructions to stay awake and avoid the disease chlamydia.

Maybe people will be overshadowed by fear and pessimism in the face of the disease problems, but faith, life will continue to arise when doctors began giving regular healing.

Short enough for the doctor to cure the disease, but doctors also hope to end the cycle of the bacteria chlamydia trachomatous. It can be done in every patient, but even then not enough for the performance of doctors are more likely to heal and keep patients from infections that can occur at any time.

Doctors are more concerned to treat infections of patients

Chlamydia patients who come to consult doctors will provide information about the complaint he suffered during the patient is experiencing health problems. After hearing testimony from patients, doctors will give medical instructions and always supervise her recovery every day.

There are several reasons that make doctors more concerned to monitor the patient's progress chlamydial infection;
1. Doctors expect a clear and tangible recognition of infected persons
2. Patients infection can provide a lot of information for doctors
3. The healing process will be monitored to see the cycle of the disease bacteria
4. The doctor will give hope to the patients to recover quickly
5. Although the salaries of doctors quite enough, but the time and effort lavished on the patient will not be replaced with their wages.
6. The doctor was very pleased to exercise patience in dealing with patient complaints.

On point number 5 above, with patience doctor devotes mind, effort, time to heal his patients. It is a remarkable thing that can not be replaced with money.

Proverb says, "Health more important than money" and "Time is Money". See, if a person who has a chlamydia infection that has a lot of money, but his body has always complained of pain from the disease then what is the meaning of the money.

Money may be able to restore a person's health as before, but when his health had been compromised and was not helped so much money does not mean anything anymore. So that was appropriate when doctors pinned title as Health Hero.

What should be done to accelerate the healing of patients

Disease chlamydia infections were classified into the rapid disease to be cured. It depends on the level of immunity of a patient. Weak bodies are often in direct contact with their partners more frequently affected by this infection.

When we see cases of this disease, infection around us, there are many similarities that stand out is the cause of this disease. For example, similarities can be observed in the association are frequently changing partners.

So to accelerate the healing of the disease, patients are expected to follow the directives below;
1. Provide information that is honest and clear about the pains suffered.
2. Explain to your doctor about the history of spouse
3. Ask questions that lead to transmission of the disease to the doctor
4. Follow the instructions given by the doctor
5. Ask the time required recovering from the disease.
6. Indicate hope to recover at the doctor

Typically the doctor will ask questions that are more sensitive to a patient's spouse about anybody in his life. Patients also should not be afraid or embarrassed, because the description of the patient's privacy will be part of the doctor. Doctors also have the work ethic to maintain the confidentiality of health data provided by a patient.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The origin of chlamydial disease and how to treat it

Chlamydia is derived from the Greek, meaning χλαμύδιας "veil". The disease is caused by the bacterium chlamydia trachomatous are multiplying inside the living cells of the human reproductive tract system. In men and women, these bacteria spread more quickly as a result of the normal relationship habits replace partners.

Sometimes the disease is less attention to minor symptoms which appear on their bodies. These symptoms tend to be seen more early when symptoms that interfere with reproductive organs. Generally, men and women will feel pain or pain in their organs.

Other symptoms often experienced pain in the joints, the head feels dizzy, vomiting repeatedly, back pain, high fever, appetite began to wane.

Health disorders in patients

People with chlamydia is characterized by symptoms are felt in the body such as,
1. pain in the joints,
2. The head feels dizzy,
3. vomited repeatedly,
4. a backache,
5. high fever,
6. The face becomes pale,
7. and appetite began to wane.

The above symptoms are health problems that are often seen in people with the disease. Although the patients have not felt or have infections in their reproductive systems, but very good when first aid for prevention. So the impact of the disease not to damage the health.

On the other hand, many consider chlamydial disease similar to HIV disease and AIDS as the cause of transmission has the same characteristics. Although these diseases have the same deployment cycle, but in the various cases handled many doctors showed that the disease can be treated to a full recovery.

The food is healthy and Relief of doctors

When patients do not consult a doctor, then the first aid that can be taken is immediately eaten healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh. Food is working to improve the body's cells and to build a more healthy diet and regular.

Take care to consume drugs from pharmacies, certainly very concerned when these drugs can trigger and increase pain or pain that is prolonged in patients with the disease. Not recommended if the patient chlamydia consumes drugs painkillers without a prescription from a doctor.

In this case, the prescription should be used as a reference in order to avoid complications of the disease continues. Therefore, the first aid that can be taken is to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables fresh.

In addition, the men will appear sores on the skin surface at the lymph nodes, then the first aid that can be done is to treat it with antibiotics. The treatment is only the first step in order to pain at the wound may be slowly improving.

So for the next step, the treatment can be done is to immediately consult a doctor in your town.

In many cases, the disease is adjudged by a doctor as the disease is easily cured. So the action does the doctor is quite simple and will cost a lot to cure the disease. Infection of this disease will be cured within 1-2 weeks and doctors will tend to warn patients to avoid direct contact with others.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Know better about the symptoms of chlamydia

Chlamydia is a kind of disease that can be transmitted person to person. These types of diseases classified into species which is rare because someone would be difficult to recognize the signs that arise from that disease.

At first, the disease arises due to the behavior of free-living men and women between the couple. Generally, this disease does not show any symptoms in the body, however, mild symptoms that are commonly seen in people with chlamydia in the form of pus or whitish in male and female reproductive area.

When a person has been positively infected by this disease, the white fluid will seem out of the reproductive system of patients. In patients with chlamydia, the outer skin of the reproductive system will appear red and painful. The pain was slowly improving and followed the pain started returning to normal.

early symptoms of the above are to determine early signs of the disease so that it can be taken as soon as possible precautions or first aid to the patient.

Symptoms of chlamydia in people

Signs or symptoms that appear in men can be seen clearly on the urethra and other marks are the lymph nodes will experience swelling and appear red. If the swelling is not treated it will be formed holes on the surface of the gland.

Holes are formed that will come out pus and fluid redness accompanied by a foul odor.While symptoms in women can be easily recognized by the sufferer is the emergence of white or whitish liquid on the part of the female reproductive (in biological terms of this section is called the cervix / cervical).

Other symptoms often experienced by people with chlamydia are joint pain, headache, vomiting, back pain, high fever, and appetite began to wane.

Anyone with high potential can be infected with chlamydia

The spread of this disease starts at a young age to old. Chlamydia infection can occur as a result of the relationship between men and women. A pair of male-female relationships are not healthy can be seen from the promiscuity that triggered mutually couple continuously.

Anyone can be infected with this disease when the disease is not inevitable trigger early. Starting from a young age to old age. Of course, Chlamydia can be avoided by always faithful to your spouse each.

In addition to pregnant women are also highly susceptible to infection by this disease. This usually happens when a pregnant woman has a husband who is not faithful.

Even the young people who are still teenagers between the ages of 15-30 years is very vulnerable to behavior that is not healthy. So that the youth will be exposed to potentially higher chlamydia infection.

As if the disease would like to tell everyone that "If you want to be healthy and avoid chlamydia, then be faithful to your partner".

This disease actually is a mild disease and can be treated early. Therefore, the symptoms of the infection have been clearly identifiable and trigger the disease should still be avoided.

In circumstances where a person experiences the physical symptoms unhealthy condition of the body is somewhat compromised, then you should immediately to carry out checks on doctors. It was important to do so early symptoms can be observed and confirmed by the doctor concerned. Thus, treatment measures will be carried out by a doctor that the disease does not spread or infect other people.